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My love for animals began as a young child. It grew each time we visited the animal shelter to walk the dogs and snuggle the cats. Each time we left I cried, thinking of all the homeless animals without a human to love them. As I continued to grow I found myself pet sitting beloved companions around the neighborhood. When I graduated high school I never thought I would end up working at a animal shelter myself. I worked many positions in the shelter but fell in love while working at the clinic. From there, my destiny was set. I became a Licensed Veterinary Technician working for local clinics, but the need for veterinary nursing care at client's homes became apparent to me. Not only did people's pets need a voice in the home, but the pet parent's often times needed help with medications, nail trims, or even getting their feisty cat to enter the scary carrier. So here I am today, with 5 + years of experience as a Veterinary Technician, and 15 + years of pet-sitting, dog walking and most importantly bonding with a variety of beloved companions.

My Pack

Pepper & Bernie



Theo & Carmello


Lauren, L.V.T

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